Reliable transmission and distribution of electricity is the key to a Smart Grid and an integral requirement for Utilities. Substation Automation Systems (SAS) as a comprehensive part of substation control and monitoring solution provides functions such as advanced power system management and monitoring of the condition of the equipment while as service.

Substation automation represents one of the basis of the Smart Grids definition, as a key point on controlling the distribution network, hence the complete grid stability.

Grid automation evolved immensely in the past decade, from the old centralized RTUs based on big I/O quantities to the newest distributed IEC61850 systems which definitively introduce IP technology on the substations.


But the newest technologies must coexist with the oldest ones in order to retrofit the old substations step by step

iGrid T&D solutions are designed for both, new substations and retrofitting projects; i.e, projects where old substation automation systems should be connected to newer control centers with IEC60870‑5–104 or DNP3.0 over TCP, or where new IEDs should be added (like IEC61850 protection relays).

Advantages of Our Solution

  • Great flexibility and adaptability to the requirements and operation modes of utilities.
  • Easy to use and easy to configure.
  • Supports all standard protocols: IEC61850, IEC60870‑5–104, DNP3.0, DLMS, IEC60870‑5–102, Modbus.
  • iRTU devicescan be used as substation gateways, RTUs or BCUs (Bay Control Units).
  • iControlis an easy-to-use substation SCADA able to work in standalone, client/server or redundant modes.