The high-voltage (HV) substation is a complete turn-key solution, designed tailor-made for our Customer, thanks to our know-how and worldwide experience we can create a perfect solution for each type of request and propose engineering solutions for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. We take the responsibility for whole project, from the analysis of the request to study the best solution up to commissioning and hand-over to the Customer.



  •  Reduction of insulation cost for switchgear and other electrical equipment
  • Future extension of the scheme is easier whenever needed
  • Easier identification of possible breakdown, due to its outdoor position




  • Oil & gas
  • Railway sector
  • Smart grid
  • Utility on primary distribution grids
  • Photovoltaic plants
  • Wind power stations
  • Hydroelectric power stations
  • Other electric energy generation plants


Providing Solutions


  • Surveying the Project Site & Designing the Single Line Diagram
  • Designing the Project Layout
  • Project Schedule and Cost estimated following Project cost optimization
  • Drawing & essential requirements to connect with Transmission Line
  • Project related equipment specifications Check

Engineering Services

  • Calculation of Fault Level
  • Soil Resistivity Test & Calculation
  • Step & Touch Voltage Calculation
  • Cable Sizing Calculation
  • CT, PT Sizing Calculation
  • Relay Setting Calculation
  • Secondary Scheme, Protection Scheme Design
  • Cable Schedule

Related Civil Works

  • According to Substation, fabricate a Civil Drawings & complete this Civil Works including Project Foundation, Equipment Foundation, Control Room, Cable Trances etc.

Installation Facilities

  • Installation of Power Transformer, GIS, AIS, Panels etc.
  • Installation of Steel Structure with on Site Fabrication
  • Cable Lying
  • Cable Tray installation & Fabrication
  • Grounding System Installation
  • Point Voltage, Magnetic Balance Test
  • Breaker Timing & Analyzing
  • Transformer Oil Test
  • Protection Relay Test of Different Brands
  • Protective Function Test of
    • Over Current
    • Earth Fault
    • Differential
    • Distance
    • Busbar Differential
    • Auto- Reclosing System
    • Power Swing
    • SOT