We specialize in Drinking Water Pump Station Installation. As an authorized distributor of Jilin Aojitong Pump Co., Ltd and Govt. licensed Contractor, we can help you design the best solution for your needs. Here is a summary of all our combined services:

Customized Pump Station Design

  • Pump Station Installation
  • Pump & Motor- Installation Repair
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Pump Station Systems Startups
  • Pump Station Automation

A crucial factor when designing a good pump system is the design of the pump station. A well-designed pump station enables the pumps to deliver their maximum service life and ensures a reliable and efficient pump station operation. When designing a pump sump, we want to focus on providing the best possible inlet conditions for the pumps while minimizing sedimentation and pump station size. Our engineering expertise and vast experience contribute to pump station designs that, ensure a reliable and cost-effective project

Verifying The Design

To verify a design when there’s little or no prior experience, we use computational fluid dynamics (CFD). It’s a mathematical modeling of the proposed pump sump design where flow pattern can be observed under different operating conditions.

Pump Station Installation

Our team has designed and installed pump stations for many industrial and national clients for the past 15 years. We value engineer many different features to reduce operational risk, to reduce costs and ensure the maximum life span of the installation.

Our projects team have vast experience in the installation of treatment plants, package plants, industrial processes, pump stations for our clients. Our operational experience and market leading best practice for their installations and include features such as:

    • Over pumping connections
    • Telemetry and remote monitoring
    • External resets and hours run meters
    • Alarms
    • Appropriate control philosophy
    • According to pump station design and related requirements, we can provide the customized electrical support for operating the pump station smoothly and also can give the support for electrical control accessories to monitor and operate the pump station effectively and efficiently.
    • We can provide VFD installation facility for improvement of pump station efficiency by following these types of advantages:
  • Uses a minimum amount of energy
  • Reduces motor starting current
  • Provides a degree of motor protection
  • Cuts the wear and tear on the motor
  • Simplifies the design of the flow control system
  • Provides extensive diagnostics
  • Reduces the required maintenance


Preventative Maintenance

Our team can give different types of preventative maintenance of pump stations and they are-

  • Perform manufacturer recommended PMs
  • Take care when dismantling
  • Examine all metal to metal fits and recondition with care
  • Repair or Replace gaskets, 0-rings & lip seals as recommended PMs
  • Check the clearances & run out of all shafts, sleeves and wear rings/plates
  • Equipment clean, dry and painted
  • Inspect stuffing box and pump casing for corrosion and related PMs activities
  • Inspect impeller and internal wear components for corrosion, erosion and cavitation
  • Check all electrical connections & components and related PMs activities